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DMSO Attacks the Herpes Virus

Biogetica.com, and similarly supports the position that DMSO attacks the herpes virus.


    What is DMSO and how does it work? DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide. It is an all natural substance derived from wood pulp. DMSO and DMS (a component of DMSO) exists in nature. The normal decomposition of plants produce DMSO. Marine and fresh algae give off DMSO. Milk contains small amounts of DMSO. DMSO has the unique ability to penetrate the skin barriers and traverse the body quickly. This is due to its small molecular structure and it's amazing characteristic as a solvent. It readily mixes with organic and inorganic materials such as water and oil primarily colloidal silver. DMSO is also a carrier. Doctors are using DMSO to carry other medical substances into the body making them much more effective.

The most important attribute of DMSO in our fight against the herpes virus is it's unique ability to enter the cell itself. Lacking a genetic material to exist on it's own, viruses can only replicate (multiply) within a cell. Once inside the cell the herpes virus is protected by the protein coating of the cell making most antiviral drugs ineffective against the herpes virus. (Of course, big pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know that.) DMSO contains oxygen.

Viruses cannot exist in an elevated oxygen (or alkaline) environment. Applied properly DMSO enters the cell and kills the herpes virus. This is an indisputable fact. DMSO is very safe. Dr. Morton Walker in his book "DMSO - Nature's Healer" states "Compared to aspirin DMSO is a much safer drug." And in "DMSO - The complete up-to-date guidebook", Dr. David Williams states "I have not had experience with any other drug in medicine which I consider to be safer. In my opinion, there are more data on human toxicology of DMSO than have ever been obtained for any other experimental drug.    nevranoutbreak.com      

We have the right DMSO solution to kill the Herpe's Virus...

We even inhansed the solution with a special high grade of Colloidal Silver.

              Click here for this formula -->  HERE
Colloidal Silver Destroys all Types of Virii Including the AIDS Virus and Greatly Enhances the Immune System           


                                                                                     Final Stages of AIDS

This should not be a surprise, considering what other researchers have been telling us. There is much more evidence to support Tichy's conclusion. Extensive evidence points to the fact that colloidal silver destroys all types of virii including the AIDS virus and greatly enhances the immune system in general. Colloidal Silver supports the T-cells in their fight against foreign organisms in the blood. It virtually forms a second immune system, actually protecting and defending the T-cells, as well as doing their work for them. It is strongly suggested by research scientists such as Dr. Gary Smith and others that silver ions are essential to the immune system.

In "Use of Colloids in Health and Disease", author Dr. Henry Crooks says colloidal silver is highly anti-viral. In laboratory tests he found that "all fungus, virii, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and other pathogenic organisms are killed in three or four minutes. In fact, there is no microbe known that is not killed by colloidal silver in six minutes or less in a dilution as little as five parts per million." Dr. Crooks tells us there are no serious side effects whatsoever from high concentrations. Research scientist Dr. Gary Smith reports that he has noticed a correlation between low silver levels, sickness and immune deficiency. He found people who have low silver levels tend to be frequently sick and to have innumerable colds, flu's, fevers, and other illnesses. The research of Dr. Gary Smith would seem to support the belief that colloidal silver is an entirely natural healing agent.

HIV and AIDS are a two sided medical condition. First is the HIV virus, which attacks the immune system. Second are the main outward effects, the conditions resulting from the weakened immune system. Research evidence shows that Colloidal Silver is a two edged sword. It attacks the HIV virus directly and effectively, and then forms virtually its own immune system to ward off the various health problems the immune system has not been able to handle.

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Dr. Otto Warbugh won the Nobel Prize for proving that viruses cannot exist in the presence of sufficient oxygen. The most important attribute of DMSO in our fight against the herpes virus is it's unique ability to enter the cell itself. Viruses cannot exist in an elevated oxygen (or alkaline) environment.  proliferate,oxygen (or alkaline) environment. Applied properly DMSO enters the cell and instantly kills the herpes virus.
The Herald of Provo Utah, February 2, 1992, ran an article on Pg. D1,
in which a member of the administrative staff of Brigham Young -
University by the name of Daryl Tichy has been successfully experimenting with colloidal silver in the treatment of AIDS, along with warts and parvo virus in a dog. "Tichy said he had the material [colloidal silver] tested at two different labs; results showed the solution killed a variety of pathogens, including the HIV virus." Tichy then states, "I don't have a doubt in my mind." He says he has not been able to obtain funds to continue his research.
A Simple Mosquito Bite Could Kill You, YES A Simple Mosquito Can Carry The AIDS Virus.         WHAT THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW

                                                              Parasites Can Kill

                                                                                         Health Consciousness, Vol. 15, No. 4 says: "Parasites are also killed [by colloidal silver], as they have an egg-stage in their reproductive cycle, which is one celled and therefore killed in six minutes or less." In as much as there are many kinds of parasites, this may be inconclusive.
However, tests have shown that mosquito larva are effectively killed by colloidal silver. It should be remembered that to rid oneself of parasites by killing the eggs or larvae means that one must continue the treatment until all of the adults die, probably of old age.
Parasites are being recognised more and more as a cause of failing health. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D., author of "The Cure for All Cancers" and "The Cure for HIV and AIDS", tells us that neither cancer nor HIV can exist without parasites and that if we eliminate the parasites, the disease will be gone.
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Get You Well Again
ALERT  TO ALL COUNTRYS : Stock up on your colloidal silver the U.S. is edging toward world war lll & fast.
The U.S. Government Armory WAR Vehicles are moving into place right now.   Hospital reports claim the capacity to help the sick will be extremely limited.  It's time to get serious and stock up with colloidal silver to protect you and your family.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist in fact I'm an alternative investigative Reporter that requires me to report  unexaggerated facts.  I'm able to do this as a member of the PRESS and CEO/ of --> > www.GlobalNewsUpClose.com.  Viruses, diseases, severe injuries will surface.. Water & food will be scarce.  Right now you have the power and ability to stock up on Colloidal Silver, don't expect the corner pharmacy to be open during these times to come, of course  I can go on and on about this however I trust that you will do your research. Prepare Now Or Suffer the Consequences,  My colloidal silver store will set you up.    HERE so much more to say...
U.S. Military Vehicles are being built at mock speed. The Military has ordered One Billion rounds of ammunitions could we be close to war?
Stock up on colloidal silver now you will need it !
U.S. Millions+ Coffins are stacked up in Canada, USA, and other country's, A war would make good sense for this, hundreds of thousands of people are killed during war time. Colloidal Silver could save your life when medical support isn't available.
U.S. Military Vehicles being shipped around the U.S. by train, water and air for a brewing WAR !
It's reported that these three level high FEMA Trains are fixed with ankle chains and hand cuffs to transport prisoners to FEMA Camps just like the Jews were starved then disintegrated.       First of all there is no constitutional validation for rounding people up for detoxication and sending them to secure facilities, this whole predictions is exactly what they did to the Jews during the holocaust.
Others speculate that we will be under the gun and separated from family, yet not one picture or official document has surfaced to support this allegation. 

FOR EXAMPLE : Everytime we predict something it's turns out to be ms-information or propaganda, Remember the scare and prediction of the Y2K scare or how many times was a comet coming to destroy earth, NEVER .

My investigation proved these trains are used to transport vehicles, I personally seen the inside of one.  

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Underground Government Safety Bunkers for the elites and the extremely wealthy, congress and their families.  They are not for your state senators, Governors, Judges, Law Enforcement and a handful of CIA and FBI Law Enforcement's- the rest will be refused and we will all be left to fight for our lives when all laws and the U.S. Constitution is suspended, 
I do agree we need intelligent personale in these bunkers in order to restore law to get our country up and running again.  We really need to consider this operation.  But those without underground bunkers will need medicines to kill diseases, viruses and injuries and this is why colloidal silver is so incredibly important.
Here you see just 1/4 of United Nation Vans hidden from the populous.  Insiders report over one million have been built.  Point in case we don't build this many vehicles just to let them sit and rust away therefore with this in mind we can certainly expect something is brewing, It could be war or used to rescue the injured, transport civilians to safe havens, as you can see in the picture some are already being used.  I would bet they are not US Medical Vehicles so stock up on colloidal silver NOW, because once this mysterious planning begins you will be given a 10 minute warning to get home to your safe haven. 
Here you see that the United States have documented all the locations where NEW High Tech FEMA Camps / Prisons are located and currently remain empty. 

Speculations are that these Government Prisons will be use to jail the masses's who do not follow the orders of the New World Order, this New World Order planning could be a good thing it would take us into the future of technology which could make life easyer.  

I could be wrong- I don't have all the answers.
I recently received leaked information that many Wall*Marts are being reconverted into Army brigades and holding jails before transporting inmates by train to one of the many FEMA Camps. 

I have a very, very good solution for this, stay out of the way, make way for the Federal government to follow out their plans, stay home with some popcorn and politely answer your door and don't resist providing information and you will be free to return to your popcorn and watching your TV.
However leaving your home at this time to hop over to your pharmacy could jam you up and obstruct the actions of Law Enforcement which WILL buy you a ticket to jail or a FEMA Camp or even shot,

So to prevent this risky trip to your pharmacy stock up on your colloidal silver right now verses a risky trip to your pharmacy. There will be looting, rioting, guns and tanks to aggressively restore order
.Colloidal Silver can last up to one year.

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More then 20,000 FEMA Trailors, this picture doesn't show them all and you can see the cars parked in front of some, but I ask why ?

1. What ever the governments plans are must be kept a secret simply because millions of Americans may not agree with new plans.  If you want to see what living is like in a third world country go to YouTube and enter in "Poor Country's" with this in mind it would be unfair to pass judgement or accuse our government for what their plans may be, we have a healthy country that will rebound so I say lets hang in there and not make accusations against our government.
What would make me and thousands of others is to Jail those rip off Bankers, they stole from the American people including those who work for the U.S,. Government so they too are victims.

2. Despite of my government I feel we citizens including all of Law Enforcement's, Judges, CIA and FBI have no right to complain about EVERYTHING because UNLIKE ALL OTHER COUNTYS our government gives us citizens, FREE food stamps, Section 8 housing, emergency money, vouchers, FREE Medical care when ever we need it, FREE Prescriptions, SSI Disability, Freedom of speech where other country's would shoot you for this,  FREE Medical Clinics and surgery's PAID FOR, I can go on and on and on but I will leave you with this YOU SHOULD BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND RESPECT THE FBI AND CIA FOR PLACING THEMSELVES IN HARMS WAY TO PROTECT US.  Yes they are guilty of some things however sometimes we need to resort to other matters to protect the homeland.
I'm sorry if you do not agree.

3.  There are several things I disagree with which are allowing Immigrants to live and breath off our land, 2. Cops who think they are above the law and kill the innocent, but it only takes one cop to ruin the reputation of good cops, without them were dead meat, people would just do anything they want including raping your wife, children and killing who ever they please so lets give respect to the good cops who aren't corrupt and think they are above the law.

4.  I'm done but in closing I still remain curious what all this military movement is about it can't be good in fact many describe it as scary.  Even the police have no clue so I suppose we stay in tune with our surroundings and hope that its for good reasons.

AMERICANS really do live good lives, don't believe me just pull up a Russian Prison Video. And third world countries.

Ok, im done,  What ever does happen we will need medicine I say this because I get a feeling of mass chaos that cause severe injuries and staying in your home away from the looting and chaos with your colloidal silver medicine in hand is like having a Doctor with you.  Think smart my friends.

These are only my words and second hand information to learn more on this you can easily surf the Internet for more on these topics.   Everyone has a right to their beliefs...

However I know that im 100% correct by urging you to stock up on colloidal silver right now waiting is not the answer.

Thank you for understanding.

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