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U.S. Created HIV/AIDS
Cancer Cure Does Exists
weve been lied to for many years !
Silent Cures
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H1N1 Flu  Sweeping Across America experts warn
2014 will be a bad year get ready America

By  Desalvatora        ALERT !  DO NOT GET THE FLU SHOT !

Stocking up with Colloidal Silver right now may be
the most important thing you do RIGHT NOW!
CHARLOTTE, NC  Silent Cures Reports

Have you gotten your flu shot?  experts warn  2014 will be one of the worst years for the flu season but you may want to rethink flu shot.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), widespread outbreaks have been reported  all across America.

The numbers of reported death's are being reported all across America there were more then 27 reported deaths from the flu in N.C. in January 2013, most of those reported just last week.

But getting the flu shot should be out of the question, why would you want this flu shot that's going to give you the H1N1 Flu in the first place.  My friends are beginning to wake up and realize they wouldn't have gotten sick if they haven't went for the flu shot in the first place, in fact what your not being told is it's those who get the flu shot who are dying from the H1N1 flu while those who didn't get it continue living healthy lives.  

"The H1N1 is what we think is the pre-dominant strain of the flu "A" right now and there is H1N1 in every vaccine that's available this year," said Dr. Barbara Pierce.

True medicine cries out against vaccines and all the harm they are doing to children and people around the globe but we have medical authorities claiming them to offer deliverance when in reality they offer little of anything but further toxic attacks on the body and deaths, so if you have Cancer, HIV/AIDS and other severe medical conditions your chances of being hospitalized are very high if you make it there alive.  

Medical truth is obviously against deliberately poisoning people but don’t tell that to anyone at the FDA whose staff falls all over itself to promote the most dangerous drugs ever known to mankind. Vaccines are loaded with crude materials that will never make anyone well. Poisons usually have the habit of poisoning people and the amount of mercury in the influenza vaccine is dangerous no matter what these un-trustable medical officials say but most interesting is why their is no mention of the possibilities of a life saving formula colloidal silver  - available right here on this site HERE  >

Mercury is much more toxic then lead but there is not a doctor in the world stupid or crazy enough to inject lead into children’s veins, yet there are plenty who will gladly with a smile inject mercury. Everyone should understand and know what can be done before, during and after vaccination to mitigate collateral damages, which are sometimes quite severe and much more frequent then federal health officials want you to know. Many parents have expressed fear of having their child become autistic, defective or neurologically damaged.

No one wants to put their child in harm’s way but powerful pharmaceutical interests have total control of the media and are able to literally herd 90 percent of the population into vaccination clinics and pharmacies. With the yearly flu vaccine the percentages are much less and there is mounting resistance to its insistence by the medical overlords who hang their pictures at the World Health Organization (WHO).

In this crazy world of ours, medicine has turned against the people’s well being, meaning they have committed high treason against the sacred medical oath to do no harm to their patients. A flu vaccine with mercury-based thimerosal used as a preservative is an insult to the public’s intelligence but unfortunately that intelligence has been buried under a thick wall of medical lies and propaganda meant to sell vaccines.

The CDC recommends that everyone over six months of age get a flu shot, especially people in high-risk groups, such as those under five or over 65 and people with chronic medical conditions, such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, asthma or heart disease and many other medical conditions.  Absolutely NO flu vaccine has proved beneficial only suffering.

Any competent biochemist would look at the structure of thimerosal and identify it as a potent enzyme inhibitor. What is surprising is that the appropriate animal and laboratory testing was not done on the vaccines containing thimerosal (and aluminum) before the government embarked on a mandated vaccine program that exposed infants to the levels of thimerosal that occurred.

- Dr. Boyd E. Haley

Look what their Vaccine program against hepatitis B done...

HIV/AIDS originated in America, starting in 1978, when government scientists began to experiment on young, primarily white, healthy gay and bisexual men in Manhattan, as part of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials.

The gay and bisexual men in manhattan who volunteered in a vaccine program against hepatitis B received injections intentionally filled with poison. The man who made this poison is virus enthusiast Robert de Gallo he who invented/made up AIDS.
The AIDS epidemic became "official" in June 1981.


Googla Robert de Gallo father of aids,
invented Maryland retro lie fraud viruses.

Criminal Virologist Robert Gallo  

Protect Yourself, the One's You Love and Take a Trip on Over to my STORE

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H1N1 Flu Pandemic Biotic

The H1N1 Flu Pandemic is sweeping across America and the rest of the WORLD leaving death in it's trail.

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Don't sit back and Waite to get this deadly virus prevent it now!


According to the CDC,  5,000 to 59,000 + people will die this year from the H1N1 Virus, your not exempt from this list.

Hyden died last week at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital near Vanderbilt University near Nashville.

                         5 -year-old                          Savannah Hyden,
                    Ronan Burgess                          also died from
                                                              complications related
                                                                       to the flu.

The CDC says children and the elderly run
the highest risk of death from the virus
the list is endless and growing by the hour!

What They Wil Not Tell You We Will  !
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